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Unforgiveness Lesson Two Unforgiveness Lesson Two

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Unforgiveness Lesson Two

Posted on Sun, Apr 19, 2009


1) There is a difference between getting upset and what.



2) What did the lesson say was the only prerequisite for going to heaven?



3) Why did the man say he would hold a grudge against Pastor Hagin till the day he died?



4) What was the topic for lesson two?



5) What caused the student to give the Devil a place?



6)Why did Pastor Hagin say they liked for men to wear dress pants and regular shirts?



7) What did Pastor Hagin say he would ascertain they were doing?



8) What is the one area left to check when all other areas are clear?



9) Because the man in the lesson couldn’t forgive what did he begin to do?



10) What did the young man show at the beginning of the school year?



11) In the spiritual realm how did the lesson say unforgiveness builds up?



12) Why did the faculty member tell the young man he couldn’t wear certain things?



13) In the lesson there was a fellow not living for God what was it attributed to?



14) What happened to the young man?



15) How can we learn to disagree?



16) What is the reason many don’t get answers when they pray?



17) What did Pastor Hagin Say would get the young man in trouble in every area of his life?



18) Where did the young man’s trouble start?



19) If you give the Devil an inch what will he do?



20) What were we told not to give place to?




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