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The Prayer of Agreement

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The Prayer of Agreement

Posted on Sat, Sep 6, 2008

Questions Lesson Five

1) What will cause Jesus to be right there to make our prayer good?



2) How do we get the full impact of what Jesus is saying in Matthew 18:19?



3) How many can two put to flight?



4) What gets the job done when nothing else will?



5) What causes tremendous power?



6) What are the promises in the Bible for?



7) What was the Greek rendering of Mark 14:14?



8) What do simple do?



9) One is the strongest assertion one can make in the English language?




10) How did Bro. Hagin say he did most of his praying?



11) What can cause our prayers to have more might?



12) When we make our move what happens?




13) What do Christians do without appropriating it in their life?



14)The Holy Spirit is responsible for my prayer life. T------------------- F -------------


15) What kind of message did Dr. Truett preach?



16) We have authority to do what?



17) What is in the ministry of prayer?



18) What can a husband and wife do?



19) The Holy Spirit does my praying for me. T------------------------------- F------------------------


20) What was the Key Text?



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