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The Authority Of Jesus Name

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The Authority Of Jesus Name

Posted on Wed, Aug 27, 2008


1) How should prayer be addressed? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2) What is subject to us through his name? ------------------------------------------------------------------------

3) What island was Paul on? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4) How many women did the mother of the child take with her and what did they do? ------------------


5) How do we claim immunity if bitten by a serpent?--------------------------------------------------------------

6) What was the defintion of a Christian in this lesson? ----------------------------------------------------------

7) What shows us we have a form of prayer without the power? -----------------------------------------------

8) What are we to uproot from our lifes? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9) What should help our prayer life to improve? ----------------------------------------------------------------------

10) What will cause us to grow up? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

11) Every believer has a right to? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12) If we are praying without seeing results what should we do? ------------------------------------------------

13) What is it we might as well settle? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

14)What kind of women did the mother get to go with her? -------------------------------------------------------

15) What is the memory text? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


16) We do not have to struggle for faith.T---- F----
17) The greatest business is Gods business.T---- F----
18) The ordinary child of God has as much right to use the name of jesus as anyone. T---- F----
19) Jesus gave us the power of attorney the right to use his name. T---- F----
20) The preacher lays hands on the sick and they recover. T---- F----
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