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Questions lesson four Questions lesson four

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Questions lesson four

Posted on Thu, Nov 11, 2010

Fear of change

1) Why did the lesson say some people become trapped?



2) What does the fear of change lock people into?



3) How can I edit my life?



4) What did the lesson say it takes to change?



5) How did I describe being transformed?



6) What is the primary way for me to experience transformation in my life?



7) What happens when I entertain fear?



8) When God’s Spirit beckons what does he say?



9) When is change safe?



10) What was the good news?



11) List the killer phrases?



12) What is the fear of change associated with?



13) Who goes through life with little imaginations?




14) What is the remedy anytime I am afraid?



15) Renewing of your mind means what?



16) Where does real change begin?



17) Who changed Saul’s heart?



18) What are we transfigured into?



19) What does not change?



20) Who needs help dealing with the fear of change?



21) What has caused some people to be technologically left behind?



22) What happens if we keep doing what we have always done?



23) What did Jesus preach?



24) What does repent mean?



25) What should my life echo?





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