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Posted on Wed, Nov 19, 2008

Lesson Eleven

1)What is the first thing some people think when adversity strikes?


2) How were they praising God right there in jail?


3) The people were told to stand still and see what?


4) When the Israelites began to sing and praise what happened?


5) If we want to see the same manifestations of power the early church had what must happen?


6) The Kohathites and Korhites Praised the Lord God of Israel how?


7) What was a characteristic of the early Church?


8) What did Paul and Silas do while in Jail?


9) Finish this statement Paul and Silas got in jail,


10) When did Paul and Silas deliverance come?


11) Instead of cowering in fear what did the children of Israel do?


12) To whom did the lesson say the battle belonged to?


13) How did they return to Jerusalem?


14) What makes the difference between victory and defeat?


 15) What had they been preaching that got them in trouble?


16) What was the example we can learn from Paul and Silas?


17) What were the four things that happened after the Apostles praised God?


18)What were the singers appointed to say?

 19)Paul and Silas were moaning and crying in jail. T---- F----

20) Today many Christians get prayed through periodically. T---- F----

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