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Lesson's Eight and Nine Lesson's Eight and Nine

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Lesson's Eight and Nine

Posted on Fri, Oct 24, 2008


Lesson 8

1) When a person speaks in an unknown tongue who is he speaking to? ------------------------------------------


2) What did God consider to be of such importance that he directed Paul to devote an entire chapter to?


3) In the lesson what was given as a means of spiritual edification for us?----------------------------------------

4) In the lesson what were we told is a way we can magnify God?-----------------------------------------------------

5) How do we speak divine secrets to God?-----------------------------------------------------------------

6) How did Bro. Hagin say his Spirit was enabled to say what it wants to say? -----------------------

7) What causes our spirits to not be bound by human limitations? --------------------------------------

8) Paul said I thank my God That I do this more than all of you?----------------------------------------

9) How can we build ourselves up on our most Holy Faith? ---------------------------------------------

10) What did Bro. Hagin say he saw happen many times when people received the baptism in the Holy Spirit?




 Lesson 9

1) When are we to use the words "If it be thy will."--------------------------------------------------------

2) What is by far the most frequent prayer of Christians? ------------------------------------------------

3) What were they told in the OT would happen if they would keep his commandments?-----------


 4) The Prayer of petition must be what kind of prayer?----------------------------------------------------

5) The Prayer to raise Lazarus was what kind of prayer? -------------------------------------------------

6) We must realize that it is Gods will that what needs in our life be met?-----------------------------


 7) In the lesson it said God is concerned about what?------------------------------------------------------


 8) How does Ephesians 6:18 read in Moffatt’s Translation?----------------------------------------------


 9) Finish this statement. We need to realize that just as different rules govern each game,--------------------


 10) What can Cause you to become terribly confused?----------------------------------------------------

11) The prayer Jesus prayed in Gethsemane in which he put an if was what kind of prayer?


12) What was the first kind of prayer we studied in this Lesson? ----------------------------------------

13) When it comes to changing thing’s or getting something from God we should pray if it be thy will.

T----- F-----

14) God is just as interested in us today as he was under the old covenant. T----- F-----

15) We need to claim God’ promises for our petition. T----- F-----







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