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Lesson One Questions Lesson One Questions

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Lesson One Questions

Posted on Sat, Jan 17, 2009

Overcoming Offenses

Questions Lesson One How To Overcome Offenses

1) How many times was the word millstone used in the lesson?




2) How many times was the word offend or any of it’s derivatives use in the lesson?



3) What is it Satan is trying to turn us away from?



4) Since salvation is not just a ticket to heaven what is it?



5) What kind of words did Jesus speak against offense?



6) What did Pastor say it would be right to assume?



7) What can cause indignation or disgust?



8) What does it mean to offend someone?



9) From our class the word’s bought with a price were found were?



10) In our teaching we said the intent of the offense is to cause you to sin, to stumble. Or what?



11) What makes Jesus only your Saviour and not your Lord?



12) What are the three distinct issues involved in an offense?



13) What is it that is not a pleasant experience?



14)The lesson said we can choose not to be offended but what is the recipe?



15) What was the Key Text?



16) An offense can also be defined as a cause or an opportunity to sin and two more definitions that were giving.



17) One of the reasons we are offended so easily is what?



18) What happened when I accepted the Lordship of Christ?



19) When we are offended and the person is our focus then what happens?



20) What did Pastor say he wanted to help us become?



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