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Lesson 13 Lesson 13

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Lesson 13

Posted on Wed, Dec 17, 2008

Prayer of commitment

1) How did the lesson say we are to pray?



2) What was it our lesson said it is wonderful that we can do?



3) When the winds of adversity blow what can we do?



4) To whom does God give sleep to?



5) If we really believe the Bible and practice God’s word what is the outcome?



6) What is the cause of unanswered prayer?



7) What did Brother Hagin say He did when he found himself becoming anxious about something?



8) Often there are times we need to pray what kind of prayer?



9) What must we do to be delivered from our problems?



10) What is the prayer of commitment?



11) What does the Amplified version of Philippians 4:6 say



12) If we are fretting and have anxiety about the thing we are praying about what will it do?



13) What were the Bible Text?



14) How did the lesson say God cares for us?



15) In the lesson we were told there is a vital part we must play in this what is it called?



16) The Bible said he shall bring it to pass when we do what?



17) What kind of proposition is this prayer of commitment?



18) There is so much the Lord would have done for us why didn’t he?



19) What was the topic?



20) We may have been sincere and honest in our praying but still got no answer why?




   Discussion: How do you feel about the Lesson and question format for Bible study

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