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Homework Assignment Homework Assignment

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Homework Assignment

Posted on Thu, Oct 14, 2010

Questions lesson three fear of danger

1) What did the lesson say people are allergic to?


2) What does God want us to be realistic about in life?


3) Why did Jesus come?


4) Where is Satan at work?


5) We are transferred from what?


6) What is the one danger we cannot escape?


7) What is the secret place?


8) What do we find in the secret place?


9) What did the lesson say we need to be reminded of?


10) How can we ruin Satan’s day?


11) What did the lesson say we are not to do even for a moment?


12) What are people anxious about?


13) What is God to us?


14) Why is it that we are not consumed?


15) How where the rafters being pulled downstream?


16) How can I discover what my enemy fears most?


17) How can I gain confidence courage and strength?


18) What kind of world do we live in?


19) What is faith?


20) What has God setup?


21) Who are we to bless?


22) What kind of Christian were we told to be?


23) How do we fellowship with God?


24) How do we dwell in the secret place?


25) What is fear?




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