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Posted on Sat, Apr 11, 2009

Lesson One Questions On Unforgiveness

1) What will happen if you don’t eat a balanced diet?



2) Who doesn’t have the God kind of faith?



3) When we stand praying what are we to do?



4) To many Christians live in what kind of world!



5) Our lesson said if ye do not forgive this will happen



6) What did the Apostle Paul warn us about in 2 Timothy 4:3?



7) What did the lesson say would cause people to walk out of the Church?



8) What is the statement Pastor Hagin said he makes at Rhema?



9) What was the main thought for chapter one?



10) What is it people get all excited about?



11) Where was the place that we said nearly everyone stops reading?



12) How many statements did the lesson say Jesus made that were vitally important to faith?



13) What did the lesson say believers need to get?



14) What were we told to do no matter what someone has done to you?



15) The God kind of faith is from where?



16) What will feeding on only one part of the word do?



17) What did the lesson call holding grudges against people?



18) If you have anything against anyone what must you do?



19) What was the key scripture reading?



20) What happens to imbalanced people?



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