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Home work for lesson eight

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Home work for lesson eight

Posted on Thu, Jun 5, 2008

Questions from lesson

 1) What is the memory Text: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2) What were our Bible Text -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sometime during the week read the Bible Text again.We may ask if you read it.
3) You never believe for the -----------------------------you believe for the -------------------------------------------------
4) To whom did the lesson say Job was in captivity to.-------------------------------------------------------------------- 
5) Finish this statement; Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, --------------------------------------------- 

6) What does the lesson say will allow us to reign in life. ----------------------------------------------------------------
7) What was the central truth. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
8) The word Jew is a short term for what. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 9) The book of Job happened within a period of how long.--------------------------------------------------------------.
10)  How long did Job live after God turned His captivity. ----------------------------------------------------------------
11) What did God say belonged to Him.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12) What did Adam commit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
13) What does Isaiah 1:19 say.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
14) How did Brother Hagin say he proved this lesson.-------------------------------------------------------------------
15) Finish this; For sickness I have ------------- For poverty ----------------- since Jesus has ---------------- me.

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